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TEND + TEMPLE founder, military veteran, and entrepreneur, Heath Jordan, has a lifelong passion for skin care. Heath’s skincare journey began in his adolescence. Being active in high school athletics and holding down a part-time job, Heath would experience excessive and embarrassing skin breakouts as a result of having oily and dry (combination) skin. Finding affordable products that were both gentle and effective was not easy for him. The products he found contained either harsh, drying detergents or overly-processed moisturizers that clogged pores.


Founder & CEO

Undaunted, Heath began his research, finding common links between organic, plant-based ingredients, and simpler routines that allowed him to maintain a more consistent and effective skincare regimen. Later, while serving as an Air Force medic overseas, Heath found a wider array of options in lesser-known European skincare formulations — with less fragrance, no dyes, and even ingredients that minimize inflammation while increasing the longevity of skin health. 


Upon returning to the U.S., Heath decided to develop his own simple, affordable, and easy-to-use line of products based on his learning, inspiration, and personal skincare challenges. He sought to combine the best in natural and effective organic ingredients with the latest scientifically advanced formulations.


His discovered and favored first ingredients: antioxidant-rich sea buckthorn oil, organic aloe vera, aging-combatant snow algae, and a rare variety of plant stem cells. Such formulations, when combined in a simple daily regimen have a harmonious effect on the skin.


In 2022 while attending TCU he launched TEND + TEMPLE. Blending naturally-derived, plant-based extracts with the latest in scientifically-advanced skin treatment formulations, we put effective, safe and easy skincare within reach for all. TEND + TEMPLE is simplicity for your skin.


“Good skin care doesn’t have to be complicated; just consistent and effective.”


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